I love my body, and if that makes you uncomfortable, sorry for ya!

I’m human. You’re human. What makes us so? Our bodies! And our brains, yes. This post is about the human form though.

I’ve got this body with me, experiencing everything, every emotion, that I go through day in and day out. This body doesn’t change when I’m happy, sad, angry, hangry, feeling sexy, or feeling hurt. I’ve gotten to a place where I love my body, with the room for improvement there is and all. I don’t see a reason for me to have to hide that.

I recently did a boudoir photo shoot with Kara Marie Boudoir. I did this to see the sexy side of myself that I never get to see. I feel it, and to a lucky few, I show this side of myself, but I don’t ever witness it. What I actually got when these shots came back was the confident side, the happy side, the carefree side, the fun side, along with the sexy side.

We, as a society, stress to women that they need to cover themselves up. If a woman wears something that’s too short, or low-cut, she’s dressed like a slut. How do you know she’s going out sleeping with men because you can see skin? If she is going out sleeping with men, why do you care?? (Another post, I know, I know.) Why can’t women be comfortable with the bodies that we have? Why does seeing skin make people so uncomfortable? What happened to nudity being art?

We are not used to seeing nudity in our society unless it’s pornographic. Our media is highly censored, we don’t visit art museums on a regular basis, and we don’t have nude beaches. The only time most people see someone naked, is when sex is involved. This is sad. So many adults don’t know how to conduct themselves around partial nudity, let alone a fully nude figure.

I for one am not going to let this affect how I feel about my body, and am not going to get shamed into hiding the body that I have. I’m wearing the clothes I feel comfortable in. I’m going to have my picture taken, with or without clothes, and I’m going to post those pics. I’m proud of them! The lifestyle that I live gives me the body that I have, and I’m in a very good place. I don’t feel obligated to hide any of that, in whatever form it comes in.

Sarah_KaraMarieBoudoir-8I love my body! If that makes you uncomfortable, sorry for ya!!

3 Reasons Boys Are Easier To Raise

tough baby

When you hear people talk about wanting to have kids, or you hear people commenting to someone who just found out they’re having a kid, you often immediately hear the question “Do you want a boy or girl?” Some people don’t care either way, as long as the baby is healthy. A lot of people, on the other hand, hope they have a boy because “Boys are so much easier!” WHY??!

If it were proven that boys potty train better, get along with other children better, and are better listeners than girls, I’d be all on board with this reasoning! Ummm, that ain’t the case though!

Let’s be honest, most people with this argument just don’t want to have to deal with any issues surrounding sex and raising a little girl. Let’s take that honesty a step further, and say that what men are taught about sex, is completely different than what women are taught about sex.

Here’s what makes raising boys “easier” than raising girls…

#1.) Girls have to be taught how to cover up the bodies that they will grow into, and simultaneously be taught how important the way that body looks is.

You better not be to big, too curvy, too flat, too wrinkly, or too lumpy. Don’t do anything to scar up that skin, but don’t show too much of that skin off. If you wear clothes that show off the curves you have, boys will put their hands on you anyway they so choose, and that will be YOUR fault. If you don’t want someone touching you, don’t let yourself be seen. It’s not reasonable that you should be able to stand up for yourself and verbally let someone know if they can touch you or not, let alone being taught how to physically stand up for yourself. Besides, boys can’t be taught to control urges like girls can.

#2.) Boys can have sex with as many people (really just girls, because people aren’t comfortable with them sleeping with boys yet either, but that’s for another post…) as they want and it won’t affect how they are viewed by others.

The thing that’s flawed with this, is that these boys have to have girls to sleep with for this to happen, but no one wants for it to be their daughter. Girls have to be taught that sex is meaningful, special, and between two people that really care for each other on top of all the other sex ed stuff. That takes SO much more time!

#3.) Girls have feelings and emotions to deal with.

This one is for you fellas. Why can’t men have feelings too? I admit, women are MUCH more emotional than men. Some of them WAY too much so, but that doesn’t mean boys have to be taught to be a stone wall to offset this. I’ve known too many guys that feel they have to hide their feelings about things around their friends, and can only open up to the girl friends they have. Not fair. I guess it’s just easier to shut that shit down in the beginning, when the boys are young. Teach them all urges relate to something physical, no thinking about it needed. They can handle it, they’ll be men one day!

So I guess the secret’s out! Boys ARE easier to raise than girls because it takes SO much more time with girls.. Ugh. I really need a vomit emoji.

You Should Probably Feel Sorry For the Pretty Girl

Photo by Kara Marie Boudoir

You’re so vain, you probly think this post is about you. Well…

If you’re pretty and you know it, clap your hands!

Now hold on, before you get all defensive and scroll to the bottom to comment, I am talking about pretty girls. I am NOT talking about the girls that feel entitled to be first, get something for nothing, or look down on you because you’re not them. FUCK those girls.

I am talking about the rad chicks. The girls that are just as pretty as the mean girls, but don’t put themselves in that category, either because they don’t know they are that pretty, or they don’t want to be associated with those other girls. These girls walk with confidence, without being self-centered. They love themselves, but no more than they love those close to them.

These girls sound great! Why should I feel sorry for them??? I know, right..

You see these girls and they are constantly being talked to, or they are the ones sitting off by themselves and not talking to anyone. Let me tell you, the people coming up and talking to them are probably talking about the shape of their body, how big their eyes are, how sexy their lips are, or how  good they look in the color they’re wearing. No one is asking them what they did that day, if they have read anything interesting lately, are they excited about the upcoming football season, let alone their views on politics and world events. If the girl is off not talking to anyone, she’s probably shy! She gets read as stuck up though.

You see them get approached by someone, only to see that someone turn around and walk away, quickly. Now they are automatically labeled as unapproachable. However, she’s not getting approached by most nice men, and just about all women. Nice guys think she’s intimidating and don’t want to get shot down, and girls don’t want to be made to feel bad about themselves. So there she sits, by herself, not talking to anyone.

A girl of few words is tired of no one listening to her ideas, so she choses not to express them unless with very close friends. People too often assume that the pretty girl has nothing to offer the conversation if it’s serious. It would just be over her head. It’s no wonder she remains quiet and just takes it all in!

One important point that needs to be made is that the pretty girl is human too. She’s got the same emotions and insecurities that you do, but, for some reason, there are people out there that do not realize this, and are willing to say whatever is on their mind to pretty women. “Wow! You look tired!” “Is that a pimple on your face? It’s so big!” “You look like you’re not feeling well today.” I don’t care who you are, this doesn’t feel good to hear! Somehow, the pretty girl can handle hearing it though? She needs to be told when she’s not at her best?

To sum this up in short with an old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Let’s make a point to not let our insecurities affect how we treat other people. Don’t hold back from showing kindness because some girl might not appreciate it. If you have a kind heart, share it with everyone! Especially the pretty girls.